Youthtanability is a KA2 strategic partnership among the organizations Federation of Children’s and Youth Municipal Councils, DYPALL and FÉNIX. Under the duration of the project we organized three partner meetings and a study visit for professionals of the partner countries. Through the experiences of these, we created an “Intellectual Output” as the  main result of the project which consists three different parts.

The Theoretical part aims to map the challenges of local youth work, especially in rural areas, like the migration of youngsters from the countryside to the bigger cities, the meaning of sustainability in local level and the roles of the youth work to create and develop the sense of belongings of the local youngsters.

In the second part we provide a Tool collection for local youth workers, which can help them the development of the sense of belonging of youngsters, make their youngsters more local and more aware to their community.

Last but not least we offer a Self-Assessment Map for local youth workers to be able to map their own sense of belongings, which could be a very important starting point of the whole process.


The main aim of the project is to fully explore the role of youth work in rural areas in making local youngsters really feel home in their town, thus reducing their migration from small towns to larger cities.

Reached People
Youth workers